This is a list of all the courses that MAGIC has run. The links will take you to the lastest incarnation of that course.

MAGIC001Reflection Groups
MAGIC002Differential topology and Morse theory
MAGIC003Introduction to Linear Analysis
MAGIC004Applications of model theory to algebra and geometry
MAGIC005Operads and topological conformal field theories
MAGIC006Compact Riemann Surfaces
MAGIC007An introduction to linear algebraic groups
MAGIC008Lie groups and Lie algebras
MAGIC009Category Theory
MAGIC010Ergodic Theory
MAGIC011Manifolds and homology
MAGIC012Cohomology of groups
MAGIC013Matrix Analysis
MAGIC014Hydrodynamic Stability Theory
MAGIC015Introduction to Numerical Analysis
MAGIC016An introduction to quantum information
MAGIC017Solitons in relativistic field theory
MAGIC018Linear Differential Operators in Mathematical Physics
MAGIC019Markov Decision Processes with Applications
MAGIC020Dynamical Systems
MAGIC021Nonlinear Waves
MAGIC022Mathematical Methods
MAGIC023Integrable systems
MAGIC024A geometric view of classical physics
MAGIC025Continuum Mechanics
MAGIC027Curves and Singularities
MAGIC028Geometric Structures on surfaces and Teichmuller Space
MAGIC029Numerical Analysis and Methods
MAGIC037Local fields
MAGIC038The algebraic theory of quadratic forms
MAGIC039Introduction to Quantum Graphs
MAGIC040Operator Algebras
MAGIC041An Introduction to Singular Perturbation Theory
MAGIC042Stochastic mathematical modelling in biology
MAGIC043Banach spaces and Fredholm theory
MAGIC044Complex Differential Geometry
MAGIC045Linear and nonlinear (M)HD waves and oscillations
MAGIC046Introduction to Equivariant Bifurcation Theory
MAGIC047Introduction to Markov processes and Poisson equations
MAGIC048Quantum Statistics
MAGIC049Modular Forms
MAGIC050Set Theory
MAGIC051Discrete Integrable Systems
MAGIC052Topological Fluid Mechanics
MAGIC053Sheaf Cohomology
MAGIC054Applied stochastic processes
MAGIC055Integrable Systems
MAGIC056Introduction to the theory of pdes for applied mathematics
MAGIC057Spectral Theory of Ordinary Differential Operators
MAGIC058Theory of Partial Differential Equations
MAGIC059Dynamical Systems: Flows
MAGIC060Dynamical Systems: Maps
MAGIC061Functional Analysis
MAGIC062Introductory Functional Analysis
MAGIC063Differentiable Manifolds
MAGIC064Algebraic Topology
MAGIC065Stochastic Processes
MAGIC066Numerical Analysis
MAGIC067Integrable Systems
MAGIC069Introduction to Quantum Information
MAGIC070Singularities in symplectic and contact spaces
MAGIC071Erlangen program in geometry and analysis: SL(2,R) case study
MAGIC072Number Theory
MAGIC073Commutative Algebra
MAGIC074Algebraic Geometry
MAGIC075Representation Theory of Groups
MAGIC076The Heisenberg group in mathematics and physics
MAGIC077Spectral Theory: Applications to Laplacian in Euclidean Space
MAGIC079Inverse Problems
MAGIC080Geometric Mechanics
MAGIC081String Theory
MAGIC082Banach spaces of analytic functions
MAGIC083Integrable Systems
MAGIC084Singularity Theory
MAGIC085Metric Number Theory
MAGIC086Turing Computability and Beyond
MAGIC087Applied Algebraic Topology
MAGIC088Banach spaces and operator ideals
MAGIC089Stochastic Processes
MAGIC090Introduction to Continuum Mechanics
MAGIC091Mathematical Biology
MAGIC092Introduction to superfluids and turbulence
MAGIC093Introduction to Markov processes, with coupling and convergence rates, and applications
MAGIC094Classical Wavelet Theory
MAGIC095Calculus of Variations
MAGIC096Spectra and geometry of graphs and networks
MAGIC097Theory of conservation laws and critical phenomena
MAGIC098Adaptive Finite Element Methods
MAGIC099Numerical methods in Python
MAGIC100Numerical Analysis of Partial Differential Equations
MAGIC101Advanced Quantum Theory
MAGIC102Slow viscous flow