Courses for 2007-2008

Semester 1

Code Class
MAGIC007 An introduction to linear algebraic groups
MAGIC008 Lie groups and Lie algebras
MAGIC009 Category Theory
MAGIC011 Manifolds and homology
MAGIC012 Cohomology of groups
MAGIC015 Introduction to Numerical Analysis
MAGIC018 Linear Differential Operators in Mathematical Physics
MAGIC019 Markov Decision Processes with Applications
MAGIC020 Dynamical Systems
MAGIC023 Integrable systems
MAGIC024 A geometric view of classical physics
MAGIC025 Continuum Mechanics
MAGIC027 Curves and Singularities

Semester 2

Code Class
MAGIC001 Reflection Groups
MAGIC002 Differential topology and Morse theory
MAGIC003 Introduction to Linear Analysis
MAGIC004 Applications of model theory to algebra and geometry
MAGIC005 Operads and topological conformal field theories
MAGIC006 Compact Riemann Surfaces
MAGIC010 Ergodic Theory
MAGIC013 Matrix Analysis
MAGIC014 Hydrodynamic Stability Theory
MAGIC016 An introduction to quantum information
MAGIC017 Solitons in relativistic field theory
MAGIC021 Nonlinear Waves
MAGIC022 Mathematical Methods
MAGIC028 Geometric Structures on surfaces and Teichmuller Space
MAGIC029 Numerical Analysis and Methods
MAGIC037 Local fields
MAGIC038 The algebraic theory of quadratic forms