MAGIC004: Applications of model theory to algebra and geometry

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A specialist MAGIC course


Spring 2012
Monday, January 16th to Friday, March 23rd


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10:05 - 10:55


The course begins on Tuesday 17th January, 10 am. See you there!


This will be a 10 hour "version" of what was previously given (Spring 2008, Spring 2010) as a 20 hour course. However, I plan to be somewhat more ambitious, at the expense of leaving many details of the introductory material to be done in exercises. Among the new aspects of the new version will be the inclusion of stability theory. The first 5 hours will introduce model theory and stability theory, including stable groups. The last 5 hours will concern connections and applications, largely where groups of one form or the other are involved, and will be taken from among: geometric group theory, diophantine geometry over number fields and function fields (Manin-Mumford, Mordell-Lang), approximate subgroups,..


Some familiarity with first order logic would be helpful but not essential.


beginitemize item textbfLectures 1 to 5: BASICS OF MODEL THEORY AND STABILITY THEORY: First order languages, structures and theories, compactness, types, saturation and homogeneity, stability, stable groups.
item textbfLecture 7 to 10: APPLICATIONS: I will cover 4 or 5 topics, explaining why and how material from the earlier lectures can give insights in areas of algebra, geometry, and number theory. More details will be given closer to the start date.


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The assessment for this course will be released on Monday 21st September 2020 and is due in by Friday 23rd March 2012 at 23:59.

The assessment will based on doing four assignments. Passing three out of these four assignments is required for a pass overall.
The assignments will be connected with filling in details and solving some problems related to basic material in the first past of the course, and can serve as a means for non-experts to gain some entry into and competence in general model theory.

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