MAGIC050: Set Theory

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Autumn 2011
Monday, October 10th to Friday, December 16th


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11:05 - 11:55


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This course is an extended version of a course that was given as an intensive course in the London Taught Centre in May 2008. That course was really well received by the studentsand I would like to build on that and their comments to develop even a better course this time!

The idea is that we go through basic set theory rather quickly, covering the axioms and basic concepts such as ordinals and cardinals. We adopt ZFC. Then we go and talk about a variety of mathematical subjects and say how set theory appears there: algebra, analysis, geometric group theory! Then we discuss independence, what does the independence means to you- , the incompleteness, the expectations on the foundation of mathematics.

One of the main goals of the course is to engage a working mathematician in thinking about foundations that are needed when one does mathematics.


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  • MD

    Dr Mirna Dzamonja

    University of East Anglia


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