Courses for 2015-2016

Semester 1

Code Class
MAGIC002 Differential topology and Morse theory
MAGIC008 Lie groups and Lie algebras
MAGIC022 Mathematical Methods
MAGIC059 Dynamical Systems: Flows
MAGIC060 Dynamical Systems: Maps
MAGIC061 Functional Analysis
MAGIC063 Differentiable Manifolds
MAGIC066 Numerical Analysis
MAGIC073 Commutative Algebra
MAGIC076 The Heisenberg group in mathematics and physics
MAGIC080 Geometric Mechanics
MAGIC081 String Theory
MAGIC084 Singularity Theory
MAGIC090 Introduction to Continuum Mechanics

Semester 2

Code Class
MAGIC004 Applications of model theory to algebra and geometry
MAGIC006 Compact Riemann Surfaces
MAGIC009 Category Theory
MAGIC010 Ergodic Theory
MAGIC014 Hydrodynamic Stability Theory
MAGIC021 Nonlinear Waves
MAGIC040 Operator Algebras
MAGIC050 Set Theory
MAGIC058 Theory of Partial Differential Equations
MAGIC062 Introductory Functional Analysis
MAGIC064 Algebraic Topology
MAGIC069 Introduction to Quantum Information
MAGIC074 Algebraic Geometry
MAGIC075 Representation Theory of Groups
MAGIC079 Inverse Problems
MAGIC082 Banach spaces of analytic functions
MAGIC083 Integrable Systems
MAGIC087 Applied Algebraic Topology
MAGIC088 Banach spaces and operator ideals
MAGIC089 Stochastic Processes
MAGIC091 Mathematical Biology