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This course is part of the MAGIC core.


This is offered as a core course for Applied.


Spring 2012 (Monday, January 16 to Friday, March 23)


  • Mon 12:05 - 12:55
  • Wed 10:05 - 10:55


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  1. Introduction (2 lectures)
    • Derivation of the Navier-Stokes equations
    • Boundary conditions
    • Non-dimensionalisation
    • Additional forces and equations: Coriolis force, buoyancy
    • Boussinesq approximation
  2. Basics of stability theory (2 lectures)
    • Swift-Hohenberg equation as a model
    • Linear stability. Dispersion relation.
    • Marginal stability curve.
    • Weakly nonlinear theory.
    • Normal form for pitchfork bifurcation
    • Global stability
  3. Rayleigh-Benard convection (4 lectures)
    • Basic state. Linear theory. Normal modes.
    • Marginal stability curve.
    • Weakly nonlinear theory. Modified perturbation theory.
    • Global stability for two-dimensional solutions
    • Truncation: the Lorenz equations
  4. Double-diffusive convection (2 lectures)
    • Thermosolutal convection. Salt fingers.
    • Linear theory: real and complex eigenvalues.
    • Rotating convection, plane layer and spherical geometry
    • Taylor-Proudman theorem.
  5. The Taylor-Couette problem (1 lecture)
  6. Instabilities of parallel flows (6 lectures)
    • Instabilities of invicid shear flows. Linear theory.
    • Squire's theorem. Rayleigh's equation.
    • Plane Couette flow.
    • Rayleigh's inflexion point criterion.
    • Howard's semi-circle theorem.
    • Examples: Kelvin-Helmholtz, bounded shear layer.
    • Role of stratification. Role of viscosity, global stability.
    • Shear flow instabilities of viscous fluids.
    • Orr-Sommerfeld equation.
    • Examples: plane Couette flow, plane Poiseuille flow, pipe flow, Taylor-Couette flow.
    • Problems with normal mode analysis.
    • Pseudo-spectrum and non-normality.
    • Absolute and convective instabilities.
    • Finite domain effects.
  7. Introduction to pattern formation (3 lectures)
    • Stripes, squares and hexagons. Weakly nonlinear theory.
    • Three-wave interactions.
    • The role of symmetry.
    • Long-wave instabilities of patterns: Eckhaus.


Chris Jones (main contact)
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David Hughes
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Interests Astrophysical fluids
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Alastair Rucklidge
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Interests Pattern Formation, Nonlinear Dynamics, Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics
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Steven Tobias
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Hydrodynamic stabilityDrazin and Reid
Introduction to hydrodynamic stabilityDrazin
The theory of hydrodynamic stabilityLin
Hydrodynamic and hydromagnetic stabilityChandrasekhar
An introduction to fluid dynamicsBatchelor
Elementary fluid dynamicsAcheson
Benard cells and Taylor vorticesKoschmieder
Pattern formation: an introduction to methodsHoyle


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