The MAGIC Maths consortium

MAGIC (Mathematics Access Grid Instruction and Collaboration) is a consortium of 22 university mathematics departments in the UK that share live and recorded videos, and assessment, of a wide range of PhD-level Mathematics courses.

Annual reports

MAGIC was formed in 2006 with the support of EPSRC and is now supported a wide range of departments who are fully involved in participation, delivery and management of a wide-ranging programme of lectures.


We run 10 week core and specialist courses in autumn and spring terms of each year, with each followed by an assessment period.


We also fund student-led conferences organised between mathematics postgraduate students registered at MAGIC consortium universities. These should aim to facilitate off-line, face-to face academic interactions between MAGIC students. Previous conferences supported by MAGIC are listed at the bottom of this page.

Conference support

Should you wish to apply for conference funding, please refer to the guidance notes (pdf) before completing the funding application form (pdf) . Applications should be submitted to the MAGIC Project Coordinator, Sam Blackburn

Deadlines for receipt of applications are 1 December and 1 May each year.

The MAGIC consortium

Taught Course Centres (TCCs)

MAGIC is one of six Taught Course Centres (TCCs) supporting PhD mathematics programmes in the UK.

The other TCCs are: