Logging in

Existing users

Users that had an account on the previous version of this website should log in using their email address or username.

After logging-in, you'll then be prompted to set a new password.

On subsequent log ins, you're encouraged to use your email address to log in as usernames will be removed.

New users

In order to access the MAGIC website as a student or staff member you need to obtain a MAGIC user account so that you can log in to this website.

This account gives access to the MAGIC website. It will have a username that is your institutional email address, e.g.

Your MAGIC node rep or postgraduate administrator may have done this already: you can try and log in to the website using your institutional email as username - using the forgot your password feature to request a new password. If this does not let you, contact your MAGIC node rep for advice.

If you get an error about an invalid token when resetting your password, try pasting in the link at the bottom of the email, or request another password, ensuring that you reset your password within the hour.

If you are an external guest or subscriber you will get this information sent to you separately.


To join a live lecture you will need to have set up a Zoom account through the MAGIC-Maths website. You must do this even if you already have a Zoom account through your university or a personal Zoom account.

This account will have a name such as and you’ll be sent an email by Zoom to complete activation of the Zoom account. A random name is given when this is created – please feel free to change the name that appears in the zoom sessions to your own name.

  1. Go to: Manage my Zoom account
  2. Click on "Create my Zoom account" to create an account with Zoom.
  3. You'll be sent an email from Zoom with instructions on how to activate your account.

You will only be able to access the live lectures when you are logged into Zoom using your account, then log into the MAGIC website and join the lecture from the link on this week .

These accounts have limited functionality – you cannot host meetings.

MAGIC Account types

  • Staff
  • Consortium students: can view live lectures, recorded lectures, access course materials and undertake assessments.
  • Student subscribers: can view live lectures, recorded lectures and access course materials and undertake assessments (for up to 50 hours' worth of courses) for each semester that they are subscribed.
  • Student guests: can view recorded lectures and access course materials for each semester that they are a guest.

Further help

Further help can be found under the other main sections of this website using the navigation at the foot of the page.

For any technical queries about the website or nodes, bugs, spelling mistakes etc… please raise a ticket with our MAGIC Technical Officer, Fraser Murray .

If you have any other query please contact our MAGIC Project Coordinator, Sam Blackburn .