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This course is part of the MAGIC core.


Autumn 2011 (Monday, October 10 to Friday, December 16)


  • Tue 12:05 - 12:55
  • Thu 11:05 - 11:55


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1. Introduction and general overview.
2. Approximation Theory. The Fast Fourier transform. 3. Methods for solving systems of linear and nonlinear equations. Gauss elimination, pivoting. Cholesky factorisation. Conditioning and error analysis. Least squares solution, Schur decomposition, the QR and QZ algorithms. Iterative methods: Jacobi, Gauss-Seidel, SOR. The Conjugate Gradient Method. Krylov subspace methods: Arnoldi algorithm. Conjugate gradient method and GMRES.
4. Numerical methods for ODEs. Taylor series methods. Runge-Kutta methods. Multi-step methods. Boundary value problems: shooting methods, finite difference methods, collocation. Methods for conservative and stiff problems.
5. Numerical methods for PDEs. Finite difference methods for elliptic equations. Parabolic equations: explicit, implicit and the Crank-Nicolson methods. The Galerkin, finite element and spectral methods.


Tim Phillips (main contact)
Phone (029) 208 74194
Interests Non-Newtonian fluid mechanics, computational fluid dynamics, numerical analysis
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Andrea Cangiani
Phone (0116) 252 3889
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An Introduction to Numerical AnalysisE Suli and D Mayers
Theory and Applications of Numerical AnalysisG M Phillips and P J Taylor


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There will be two assessments for this course with each carrying a weight of 50

MAGIC066: Numerical Analysis Assessment 1

Files:Exam paper
Deadline: Wednesday 30 November 2011 (2089.2 days ago)

Numerical Analysis - Assessment 2

Files:Exam paper
Deadline: Monday 16 January 2012 (2042.2 days ago)

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