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The course will cover the cohomology of topological spaces, with a heavy emphasis on interesting examples, most of which are manifolds.


Autumn 2009 (Monday, October 5 to Friday, December 11)


  • Wed 10:05 - 10:55
  • Thu 10:05 - 10:55


Some knowledge of general topology and commutative rings.


  1. Topological manifolds: definition and examples.
  2. Cohomology rings: basic properties, without construction. Description (without proof) of the cohomology rings of many interesting manifolds.
  3. Cohomology of configuration spaces: partial proof of stated description.
  4. Geometry of balls and spheres.
  5. Geometry of Hermitian spaces.
  6. Cohomology of balls and spheres.
  7. Cohomology of unitary groups.
  8. Cohomology of projective spaces.
  9. Vector bundles.
  10. Smooth structures and the tangent bundle.
  11. The Thom isomorphism theorem.
  12. Homotopical classification of vector bundles and line bundles.
  13. Cohomology of projective bundles; Chern classes; cohomology of flag manifolds and Grassmannians.
  14. Normal bundles, tubular neighbourhoods, and the Pontrjagin-Thom construction.
  15. Poincaré duality.
  16. The universal coefficient theorem.
  17. Cohomology of complex hypersurfaces.


Neil Strickland
Phone (0114) 2223852
Interests Algebraic topology
Photo of Neil Strickland
Profile: Jitesh Gajjar and I are the two instigators of the MAGIC project.

I am interested in Algebraic Topology and Stable Homotopy Theory.


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Algebraic topologyHatcher
A bestiary of spaces and spectraStrickland
A concise course in algebraic topologyMay


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