MAGIC External Student enquiry form

Note: students who are already registered at a consortium institution should contact their local MAGIC coordinator for help with course registration.

Students who are not members of MAGIC consortium institutions are also welcome to participate in the advanced mathematics courses offered by MAGIC.

As an external subscriber (for which there is a charge of £250 per student per term, payable soon after the start of that semester), you will have access to the same services as other student members of the MAGIC consortium. In particular, you have access to live lectures, recorded lectures and the opportunity of assessment in up to 50 hours' worth of courses per semester.

Please refer to the MAGIC website for full details of courses, term dates and exam periods. The full external student policy can be read here: pdf

Technical details for external subscribers

MAGIC uses a Video Conferencing system called VisiMeet. As a subscriber you will need to register as a user of VisiMeet and join the MAGIC VisiMeet Community. This is not covered by the subscription cost. Details will be provided on subscription.

If you are interested in participating in MAGIC please fill in the enquiry form below. The MAGIC Administrator can create an account for you and will contact you in due course about subscription.

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