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Classification of compact Riemann surfaces. Complex and geometric structures on compact surfaces. Teichmüller space. Coordinates on Teichmüller space.


Spring 2017 (Monday, January 23 to Friday, March 31)


  • Mon 11:05 - 11:55


Basic point set topology


The hyperbolic plane and hyperbolic geometry
Complex and hyperbolic structures on surfaces
Covering space theory for manifolds with extra structure
Uniformising theorems for simply connected surfaces with complex or hyperbolic structure.
Groups of holomorphic bijections. Covering groups of surfaces.
More on hyperbolic geometry. Geodesics, perpendiculars, polygons.
Hyperbolic structures on pairs of pants and compact surfaces with boundary.
Isotopy of loops and homeomorphisms. Ambient isotopy. Mapping class groups.
Teichmuller space. Coordinates, topology.


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Riemann Surfaces: A PrimerBeardon
A Primer on Riemann SurfacesBeardon
Lectures on Riemann SurfacesForster
Riemann SurfacesFarkas and Kra
Hyperbolic GeometryAnderson
Introduction to Hyperbolic GeometryRamsay and Richtmyer
Algebraic Topology BookHatcher
Topology And GeometryGlen E. Bredon
Automorphisms of Surfaces after Nielsen and ThurstonAndrew Casson and Stephen S. Bleiler
Hyperbolic GeometryIversen
An Introduction to Riemann Surfaces, Algebraic Curves and Moduli SpacesSchlichenmaier


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Assessment will be by a take-home examination in the examination period 24 April -7 May. The examination will be available for viewing and download on 24 April. It is designed to completed in two hours by a student who has engaged with the course. the pass mark is 50 %

MAGIC028 Exam 2017

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Deadline: Sunday 7 May 2017 (319.6 days ago)

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