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Markov processes in discrete and continuous time will be presented for elementary and general state spaces and for some jump & so called linear-Markov (semi-Markov) processes in continuous times. Standard stuff will include generators, Dynkin’s formula, ergodicity for finite state spaces, strong Markov, Feller & strong Feller properties. A bit more advanced material will include coupling & recurrence applied to convergence rates and to queueing & reliability systems.


Spring 2019 (Monday, January 21 to Friday, March 29)


  • Live lecture hours: 20
  • Recorded lecture hours: 0
  • Total advised study hours: 80


  • Sun 00:05 - 00:55
  • Sun 00:05 - 00:55


Some basic knowledge about Markov chains is highly desirable.


1. Stochastic processes. Definitions of a Markov process. 2. Examples: Random Walks. Generators. Chapman-Kolmogorov equations. 3. Dynkin’s identity. Stopping times, strong Markov property, Feller & strong Feller processes. 4. Irreducible Markov processes, ergodic theorem for finite state spaces and in general case. 5. Doob-Doeblin's and Markov-Dobrushin's conditions of ergodicity. 6. Positive & null recurrent, polynomially & exponentially recurrent Markov processes. 7. Coupling method, lemma about three random variables, application to convergence rates. 8. Applications to queueing: Erlang telephone systems, stationary regimes, convergence rates. 9. Piecewise-linear Markov processes, extended Erlang formulae & convergence rates. 10. Applications to some reliability theory problems.


Alexander Veretennikov
Phone (0113) 3435183
Photo of Alexander Veretennikov


Stochastic Processes and ModelsStirzaker
Markov Processes: Characterization and ConvergenceEthier and Kurtz
A course in the theory of stochastic processesVent︠t︡selʹ (Wentzell)
Markov Models & OptimizationDavis
Ergodic Markov processes and Poisson equations (Lecture notes)A. Yu. Veretennikov


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